FGGC Bida Alumni Association (UK) Chapter

  • To create a forum for old students to network.
  • To foster the spirit of unity among all members and members of other affiliate chapters
  • To ensure that the Alumni is meaningful, of enduring value and beneficial to members.
  • To encourage peaceful co-existence and co-operation among members.
  • To promote the common interest and welfare of members and their family within United Kingdom. This shall extend to incorporated members from across Europe.
  • To offer assistance to fellow old students in less fortunate circumstances.
  • To contribute to programs that will enhance the educational experience of current students of our Alma Mater.
  • To collaborate with member groups/chapters in order to aid the growth of our Alma mater. 
  • To participate for the purpose of mutual benefit in an interchange of information and experience
  • To organise social, cultural and educational activities for the benefit of the members, their families and friends


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